Q: What does Bjourney mean?

B(美)means beauty in Japanese. We are all en-route to eternal beauty regardless of age and  background. Bjourney is named with a hope to help enhance your beauty journey.

Q: Can I purchase some of the products you introduce in your blog?

Online shopping is coming soon. By then, we can arrange your purchase as much as possible. Feel free to email us – michiko@bjourney.com

Q: Can you write about my products and services?

I am always keeping a keen eye on the latest news. I cannot guarantee inclusion, but I am open to any ideas and  products. If I like it, I will definitely write about it!

Q: Bjourney のミッションとは?


Q: ニューヨークの美容ヘルス情報の詳細を学び、ニューヨーク市場進出を考えているのですが。


Q: オンラインショップで私のプロダクトを扱ってもらえませんか?