Iichiko Frasco -- premium Japanese shochu

 I attended Shochu tasting event, hosted by “Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association” in NYC the other day. There were about 10 producers from Japan and passionately explained about their own Shochu and process of making it.

Just in case if you are not familiar with Shochu…

Japan’s Shochu has been the traditional spirits that has been produced for almost 500 years! I can be made from different ingredients such as rice, barley and sweet potato, and each ingredient reflects greatly on the out coming flavors of the product.

Among a few dozens of Shochu, my favorite was “Iichiko Frasco”.  I enjoyed on the rocks – it was superb! (barley shochu)

Look at how it looks! It does look like Frasco! 


This Shochu is the winner for “Ultimate spirits challenge in NYC 94points and chairman’s trophy 2013”

It is described as follows:
Clean aroma, rich body, and deep flavor. This barley Shochu is positioned at the top of the iichiko product range. Its highly pearled, low-temperature fermentation, and all-koji production, which uses barley koji only, means it can be enjoyed on the rocks, with cold water, or with hot water on winter days.

Another beauty of Shochu is that you don’t feel hang-over next day.
Check it out!!     www.iichiko.co.jp