Shiso - Delicious Japanese Herb

Do you know the Japanese herb called SHISO (pronounced “she-so”)?
It is also known as Perilla, beefsteak plant, which belongs to the mint family.
Shiso is an important part of Japanese diet and cuisine, and we also often use Shiso as condiment or spice, too. It comes with green or purple leafed form.

My friend gave me a bunch of fresh Shiso she grew in her garden.
Look at this!


Shiso complements many different kinds of dishes, meat, seafood or vegetarians. 
It gives unique flavor and creates subtle taste – delicious.
I took out some part and mix with refined salt.
It will be great seasoning for any cooking, especially pasta : )


As for red leaf, maybe I would try to use this as a wrapper for miso-pasted fish. 
It is good with pickled plum too. It should be great!