Hotel Spa Dormy Inn in Tokyo

I’ve just returned from Japan – it was a fun trip, as usual!  
I stayed at a great hotel for a few days in Tokyo, which was a hotel spa called “Dormy Inn” opened in April 2012.


First, the location of the hotel was premium, nestled between Harajuku and Shibuya - two major fun cities in Tokyo.  I can walk to both towns on foot (about 15 minutes). Omotesando was nearby too. (one of my favorite streets in Tokyo and you can find many cool boutiques and cafes!)

Second, they had great homemade breakfast with a choice of western style or Japanese style; healthy yet delicious!

Third (critical point), they had an onsen-quality common bath. After a long day at the chaotic city, Toyo, I can relax in a hot bath where about 20 apples were floating (nice smell!) while listening to jazz.

 Pillow library

Pillow library

Also, there was a pillow library, where you can pick your favorite pillows. The low-rebound charcoal pipe pillow, fiber-ball pillow, and malco beans pillow are some of your choices!

There was a humidifier in my room keeping my skin moist, and a “magic ball” in a hallway which caught the sources of germs and bacteria (for maintaining fresh air)

The staff is super friendly and cool and urban feeling flow throughout the space. This is a perfect boutique hotel where women can relax alone safely – highly recommended!

Dormy Inn Premium Shibuya Jingu-Mae
Tel: 03-5774-4389

 Magic ball in the hallway

Magic ball in the hallway