Ultimate Sesame Skincare, made in Japan!

“Sesame” is known as a nutrient filled ingredient and has been used for many years to promote beautiful skin and radiant hair.  Namely, sesame is rich in powerful antioxidants, omega 6, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B, and E.

Recently, I encountered the ultimate GOMA (which means “sesame” in Japanese) skincare, made in Japan! 

“GOMA Extra Virgin Serum” – manufactured by Castle Cosmetics – exclusively uses handpicked premier certified organic white sesame from Sri Lanka.

After I used this “GOMA serum” on a regular basis, my skin got soft, moist, and supple!

“We extract sesame oil with 5 Celsius of low temperature to maintain essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and enzyme.  It not only has amazing moisturizing effects but also it tightens the skin and reduces sun spots and blemishes because of other effective agents such as yuzu extract, hyaluronic acid NA, and chamomile“, said Mutsuko Ueda, president of Castle Cosmetics.

Also did you know that white sesame seeds contain higher iron and 60% more calcium than black ones?

Of course, GOMA Extract Virgin oil only uses the highest quality white sesame!

Check out its sister product, “COGOMI Extra Virgin Serum,” for those who need more serious anti-aging effects.  This would be a perfect option for people who would like to take care of fine lines around eyes!

GOMA Extra Virgin Serum
50ml, 7,020 yen (about $ 65) (made in Japan)

 Cogomi Serum!

Cogomi Serum!