Brooklyn Kitchen - Excellent Knife Skills Course!

Last week, I took the “Knife Skills” class hosted by Brooklyn Kitchen. It was chosen as “The Best Cooking Class in NYC” by New York magazine. I cook almost every day so I thought I knew a lot about the knife already, but actually…  I learned a lot from the class’s instructor, Ken. He is a professional chef who used to cook at the Saul restaurant, Brooklyn Museum!


The class started to learn knife essentials – the variety of knives and cutting boards, the correct way of holding and horning a knife, and the basic posture and knife movement. Then, Ken showed us how to cut carrots, onions, green peppers and let us try it ourselves!  It was very hands-on. Ken moved around the teaching tables and gave us great tips. The best technique I learned was how to chop onions quickly and efficiently!

Then, he gave us a demonstration on how to chop garlics and herbs, then dissected a whole chicken!  Two hours passed quickly. It was fun and educational! 


Brooklyn Kitchen sells a variety of kitchenware and cooking gears, in addition to food, spice, cooking books, and more.

Let’s say you wanted to make sushi at home, you can get everything you need here - rice, seaweed, wasabi, rolling device, vinegar... They hold  chef’s table dinner parties and hands-on cooking parties, too.If you like cooking and food, you got to check it out!!

Brooklyn Kitchen
100 Frost St, New York, NY 11211
Tel: 718-389-2982